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Forget The Phoney War On Christmas, Feel The Goodwill

It's times like Christmas I'm glad to live in a secular country where federal Labor MP James Bidgood is a startling aberration. The colourful backbencher says the Book of Revelations predicted our current economic woes and he claims "we are at the end of times". Such mumbo-jumbo from a more

Gold In Them Thar Dry Dams

AMERICA had the famous dustbowl music of Woody Guthrie in the 1930s. Now an Australian performance company is devising an "acoustic musical" featuring songs from the likes of Tim Rogers, James Reyne, Paul Kelly and Jenny Morris to dramatise the struggles of rural families dealing with drought.

Garrett Gives The Good Oil On Workplace Laws

BACKSTAGE rumours are always rife at rock gigs. At yesterday's Rockin' For Rights Concert it was whispered that Peter Garrett, the former frontman of Midnight Oil turned Labor MP, would throw off his politician's mantle for the afternoon and belt out a few Oils songs.

Siren Songs Of The Three Labors Jar With Voters Sold Down The River

SURELY only a surrealist with a fascination for self-destruction could have written the script for the Seinfeld-like scuffle that has erupted over the seat of Newcastle.

The Honourable Member Rips It Up 'til Midnight

AT HIS first gig since becoming the Labor MP for Kingsford-Smith, Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett returned to the stage to headline last night's Waveaid tsunami concert in front of 50,000 people at the Sydney Cricket Ground.